Appointment Set-up

Adding the first session

Having created a client you are then taken to the client home page. From here you can access all the information relevant to your client. 

To create the first session for your client you simply...

session list and tabs

'Click to add new session'

This then takes you to the appointment set-up screen. The 1st step is to choose the name of appointment type from the drop-down list. The date and time of the session can then be chosen. The date defaults to today's date and time but you can overwrite it by using the calendar or simply by entering a new date in the format xx/yy/zzzz. Any relevant notes may be made. 



Selection of measures                                                  

The measures that were chosen in client profile will be preselected already. If you wish to choose additional measures for that session you may do so by selecting them here. You may also de-select measures that have been selected in 'Client Profile' if you do NOT wish to use them as this appointment.



 Measures will appear ticked by default if they were chosen when setting up the client profile. The selection can be adjusted at any given session here.



Editing an appointment setup 

If at some later point there is anyting about an appointment you need to edit or alter, such as a change of date or measure choice, then you simply return to the appointment setup for that particular session and make your changes. 





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