Goals form

Adding a new goal

Here you may add or edit a goal, asking the client for an appropriate label and capturing more detail if you wish. Bear in mind that whatever you write here as a goal description will be visible to the client when they next score that goal. The date raised will default to the session date from which you accessed the goals list or from today's date if you accessed the goals list directly.

NOTE: It is important that the dated entered in the 'date raised' field corresponds with the relevant session date. Otherwise the goals measure will not appear in that session record.




Remember to tick 'goals' in the client profile and sessions so that goals will display on the session record


Problems, goals or solutions?

Pragmatic Tracker offers practitioners and clients a choice, between working on 'goals' or 'problems'. In this section we are working with a goal orientated approach. The labels and the detail may be used as client and practitioner wish and progress can be tracked session by session. 

Tracking change on problem scores

We use the same traffic light alert system for tracking change on goal scores as we do for all other measures. 


Scrolling down the page, each goal can be reviewed by looking at the degree of progress since it was first identified on its own unique individual goal chart with relevant summary information.






In addition, the aggregate overall goals score is represented on the client chart.




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