Clients provide the data used in Pragmatic Tracker by completing measures with respect to the area of interest or concern that the service or practitioner is involved with assisting.

The system includes a range of questionnaires designed to monitor clients' reactions in particular circumstances and under a variety of psychological conditions. Pragmatic Tracker assumes that a client's treatment may proceed along  lines similar to this:

  • At first contact the client is screened for potential problems and to determine their suitability for treatment.
  • At a second session the client's condition is assessed and their course of treatment planned.  At this point they would be assigned to a suitable therapist.
  • At further, regular sessions the client's condition is treated and their response to therapy is recorded.
  • As treatment draws to a close the client's condition is again recorded in more detail to assess the degree of success of the treatment.
  • Further followup sessions may be arranged as required.
  • When client and practitioner feel that an episode of treatment is completed the case is closed.

At each stage, or 'session', the client answers a series of carefully chosen questions designed to highlight their state of mind with respect to the condition(s) they were diagnosed with and their answers are used to plot their progress in response to treatment. 

NOTE: Different system configurations may be set up with different types of sessions; supervision, review etc. 

Pragmatic Tracker also has the ability to customise a measure to the specific needs of the client through the development of either or both of 'problems' questionnaires and 'goal-based outcomes' questionnaires, formulated through the client's own language. In addition, Pragmatic Tracker captures salient demographic data such as age, gender, medication and living arrangements.

NOTE: In single user systems screening and reallocation of practitioners is not available.

Privacy and Security

Each practitioner in the system has access only to his own list of clients.  Practice managers have access to all the clients in their practice and superusers can access all clients on the system.  This is known as the 'scope' of a user. 

Clients are referred to only by a pseudonym in order to protect their privacy.  Pragmatic tracker does not record any identifiable, personal information about clients other than their email address (which is stored in an encrypted format) and this only where the client and practitioner may be working remotely and need to use email for questionnaires or agree to use email to collect client measure data in advance of sessions or feedback after sessions.

Client List

Working with clients always starts at the client list which is the home page arrived at when you first log in. From here you can navigate around the system.



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