Client Summary





Client notes from each session record can be viewed at the bottom of the summary page in order to give an overall picture of all relevant information for that client (see screenshot opposite).


 The client summary provides a complete overview of the journey of the client through treatment to date. The relevant data from client profile is displayed. Beneath this are all the important treatment dates and the measure scores at those treatment dates.

Finally, the particular problems and goals identified by the client and entered into the system are displayed. This summary data can be exported to a csv file which can then be opened in excel or a similar programme.

Having a summary of the client journey on one page allows you to get a comprehensive overview of everything concerning that client's journey. This is of great help in supervision or in the provision of reports to a referrer.

The summary information can be exported as a csv file and then opened in programmes like excel or google sheets. The fields that display here on the summary page are relevant to this particular client. Most of these same fields are also displayed in:


where all client data available to view under whatever filter has been selected (e.g. open cases, closed cases, a particular practitioner's list) can be seen in the aggregate.


where different colours represent different degress of percentage change on any particular more



 Notes are displayed at the bottom of the client summary



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