Pragmatic Tracker - Overview

What is Pragmatic Tracker?

It's a web based outcome tracking tool for tracking change with your clients in mental health treatment

Why might I need it?  

You may want to track client progress in mental health treatment, recovery or in any situation where change can be measured through questionnaires.

What can I measure?  

We have a wide range out well established outcome measures commonly used in mental health treatment (and much, much more)

What else is there?  

Goals-based outcome tool, Problems tracking tool, appointment reminders by email or text and much more...

Is it easy to use?   

Yes indeed, it's very easy to use, help is available throughout and support is at the click of a button

How can I get a quick look?

A really good way to get a feel for it is to have a really good browse around this help site.


Pragmatic Tracker is ideal for working remotely, online or by telephone as clients can be sent secure email links to measures and can also be sent pin-protected links to progress charts.

Standard single user systems offer an array of features that will meet the needs of many individual practitioners. Bespoke systems can be designed to the way you work, like a well fitting glove. 


Please visit our website for more information about Pragmatic Tracker

Server Response

We include a feature to monitor server response, the time it takes for signals to travel back and forth between the software and our servers. This should usually be green and will flicker momentarily when you click from page to page or click anywhere that takes you to a new place.



                                                                     The server response (40 secs)


Can't find what you need?

Use the 'search' at the top left of every 'Help' page and type in what you need help with.   

 Help in Pragmatic Tracker

Help in Pragmatic Tracker (40 secs)

For Videos explaining each section of Pragmatic Tracker just click whenever you see this symbol  



Online Help


Online help comes in two forms: page help and item help.

Page help

Page help appears when you press the help button in the top banner of any page in Pragmatic Tracker.  It will tell you what the page is far and how to use it's features.  It may also give links to other help pages providing relevant information.



Item help

Item help is available on pages where you have to fill in a form.  There is a small green help button next to each field and clicking it opens a popup window explaining what you should enter in that field.

item help button


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