We have many measures available within Pragmatic Tracker. Click here to see a list of the more common ones, along with pdfs you can download if you need paper versions.

Goals and problems tracking

Use our goals or problems tracker to measure change on the things that are most important for your clients. Click here for more about this subject.

Traffic lights

We have a very simple and pragmatic solution to alerting you to a variety of important things about your clients; how long is it since you've seen them?, Are they progressing as you would hope?. Click here to read more about this.


Help is available throughout the entire system. Explore our help pages here (opens in a new window) to take an in-depth look around the system.


Our system meets the highest, most up-to-date international security standards. Click here for more information.

Terms of use

All users of Pragmatic Tracker need to agree to our terms of use when they sign up. These terms may vary a little by organisation but they will have much in common. Click here to see an illustration of our terms of use.

User consent

Another part of the sign-up process is understanding what you consent to as a user.  Click here for an illustration of our typical user consent.

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